Glitter Star

I have always been a crafty type person. Started way back with a simple box of crayons and coloring books, and a foster-sister that insisted I color inside the lines and always outlined in black. (I still tend to outline all my drawings)

Then I started crafting with my Grandma. She was the best! We used so many things back then that people now days would have fits about. Like smashed car windshield glass. I “think” it was called Herculite Glass? We made bleach bottle piggy banks, bed dolls and pictures out of that smashed glass. We used wax paper to seal crayon pictures onto aprons and we stenciled Christmas decoration on our windows with pink floor wax. (Honestly, the can of wax came with the stencils)

Then my mom created “The Craft Room”. It started out as a storage room for all her craft supplies. (we all know how that starts) The room became a once a week gathering place for my sisters, mom and I. We would all do our own thing, but we did it together. One sewing, one drawing, one painting and one making beautiful things out of weeds and dried flowers. We would talk, get and give advice and just be the family I love so much.

Then came my boys. (Yep, even guys like crafts.) We always made a new kind of Christmas craft every year. During the days we could play outside, we would gather all the neighborhood kids and do fun, and messy outdoor crafts. Buckets, squirt guns and spray bottles make for awesome tie dye. Rocks, sea shells, marbles and the odd gum ball machine toy placed in buckets, bundt cake pans and tin foil cake pans filled with play sand, then covered with plain old plaster of paris can make some of the best garden art a mother can ever hope to receive!

I love crafting, but I love the memories it brings with it even more.

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