Unfinished Memories

   Somewhere, back in the 90’s, my mom, my sisters and I use to get together a lot and do crafts. Mom had turned her “Craft Supply Room” into an actual Crafting Room. We spent most of our Saturdays together, crafting, talking and enjoying each other. It’s one of my favorite memories. Unfortunately like all of Life, the crafting days got farther and farther apart and soon it was just a memory.
   One of my mom’s clever ideas was to paint old light bulbs. This was before it was cool to recycle, and I have to admit, I wasn’t very keen on the idea. Then when the first bulb smashed to the floor, I surely wasn’t impressed. But my mother liked the idea and she kept right on working on them. She made several.
Last year I was blessed with many many boxes of my mom’s Christmas decorations. (Have I told you she was a Holiday Hoarder?) Some of these boxes I had not been able to opened until just after Thanksgiving 2015. Among the boxes was a certain tattered boot box holding several damaged and partially painted light bulbs.

damaged and unfinished lightbulbs

   All were started, some were done, but damaged, but everyone made me smile, and cry at the same time. Everyone an “Unfinished Memory”. So my new mission was to finish these memories and share them with the rest of the family. They would be the perfect gifts to hand out at the yearly Family Christmas Party we have.  Ornaments started by Mom 20 years ago, and finished by me in 2015. Perfect Idea!!
   Well, almost perfect. The party was only 3 weeks away. I had a lot of Inspiration to find, Imagination to use and Creating to do!!
   So I got to work …
Snowman Reindeer Santa

Here are the front 3 you see from the first photo. The Snowman, Reindeer and Santa.

snowman penguin pooh

Then came another Snowman, a Penguin and Pooh

nutcracker  gold-santa

A Nutcracker, a Mouse and a Gold Bling Santa

gingerbread  dsc08970

Then a Gingerbread Man, a Cat and a Toy Soldier


and Last but not Least, a Snowman and an Elf.

   It is pretty amazing what you can do with scraps, paint, glitter and glue. The inspiration for most of them, I got from Pinterest. If you would like to check out my boards, you can click hear. Most of the hats were made from me cutting up odd gloves, mitten and socks. (Funny how we always have those)

   The toilet paper rolls I used for drying stands turned into hats also. Some glue, glitter, felt and puff balls, you are good to go!

Well, that’s my bit of Inspiration, Imagination and Creative Memory for the moment. I hope you enjoyed and I really hope I was able to spark a tiny bit of Happiness in your day!

Thank you for coming and See you Soon,


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  1. Rae-Dene on said:

    This is wonderful….. love the memories and photos….