Learning New Things

I try to make it a habit to learn to do something new everyday. It doesn’t mean I will remember tomorrow what I learned today, but when I need that knowledge it will be there for me. Trust me, it always shows up when you need it.

Now some of the things I learn are not always the easiest way or even the right way, but I count them as a “Learning Experience”.  I can’t even count the times it took me forever to do a simple task that would have taken someone that knew what they were doing minutes. But, I did it, I learned the wrong and the right way and then comes that awesome feeling you get when you’re done. Then someone comes along and shows you how to do it quick and easy. (oh well)

dsc09233Today I finished up one of my “Learning Experiences”.  This little tag took me 3 days to do. Yes, I know, most would have several dozen done it that time. For me it was a challenge because I was on my own. By that I mean I wasn’t going by any template, picture, tutorial or video. I wanted to do it totally on my own, AND with only to things I already had in the house. I was all on my own.

I know it might not look like much, but to me it is a huge accomplishment, and it is really pretty. Mostly because it sparkles and smells good. I used cinnamon dough letters. I am proud of it.

Doing this made a wonderful memory for me, plus I proved to myself I can be creative on my own.

I also learned I can’t cut a straight line, Snowtex is messy and a bit aggravating, paint and a finger is great for destressing and edging, and clear glitter sparkles so pretty. (did I tell you I love sparkles?)

I know this is a short post, but I really wanted to hopefully pass on a bit of inspiration. I know for a fact that if I can do this, ANYONE can. Challenge yourself, learn something new everyday. Even if it’s about yourself.


Have a Learning-full day and see you soon,


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One comment on “Learning New Things

  1. Rae-Dene on said:

    I love it… Very vintage looking 😊