Rustic Snowmen

Well it took me over a week, but I got them done!!!

I have been seeing these Rustic Snowmen all over Pinterest and I just loved them. As I was cleaning up my yard a couple weeks ago, I walked by these wood beams my son had given me after he removed them during his living room remodel. (He knows I always say yes to free wood.) On about my fifth or sixth time stepping over these beams, it registered what they looked like. Rustic Snowmen!

So turning my mind on focus I set about trying to figure out how to get one of these very large and heavy beams cut. I asked hubby if he could call my other sweet son and see if he could play lumberjack for me. He was more than happy. I pointed, he cut. He didn’t even look at me strange when I told him they were going to be snowmen. (He knows me so well)



dsc09071We took them into the house so they could dry out. They had been sitting outside for 6-7 months, they were a bit damp. It took about 3 days for them to dry out and then I had to sand down the edges and make sure there were no splinters or caked on mud. I truly love the feel of fresh sanded wood.



dsc09182 After sanding came the painting. I had some white primer already, so I did a dry brush cover. I wanted the wood to to show and make them look rustic and handmade. I love that kind of stuff. My house is full of homemade and rustic things, including the walls, floors and ceilings.



dsc09209While the paint was drying I went in search for snowmen noses. I even asked other people for some ideas. I knew I wanted something as close to a carrot as possible, but wouldn’t be eaten by the little or big creature that like to visit our yard. I also did not have a budget to run to the city which has the closest craft store. I knew I had to find something in my own stash.

Guess what, I found two very nice carrot noses. Do you see them?




dsc09208 I was able to afford the $4 to my local Dollar Tree. to buy a scarf, two hats and two dowel screws. The screws are for the noses, the scarf was cut in half Length wise and the hats are for the heads of course. I love my Dollar Tree.

I then grabbed my paints and painted faces. (Yes, I love big eyes with sparkles) Then I painted carrots, or at least tried.dsc09236

Then I dressed my snowmen, actually, snow mother and son. I stuffed the top of the hats with wadded up plastic bags to make them look less square. Then I tied the scarves and screwed on the noses.

I am very happy with them. Tomorrow I will seal them and place them on my front porch.


Hope you enjoyed my little project and I hope you to will stop and see what wonderful things you might be stepping over.


See you soon and thanks for coming,


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