Fast Frosted Jars

Ever get an idea stuck in your head and it keeps popping up at the strangest times? It happens to me all the time. I will be talking about something and “pop” that idea breaks in. Thank goodness my hubby has gotten very used to it.

This morning as I was putting my newly made Snow Mom and Son out front for the world (ok the neighbors) to see, I was chatting with hubby and trying to come up with today’s project. I was explaining that doing laundry and dishes didn’t seem quite crafty enough. As I went to grab the can of clear coat finish to give the faces and noses one last spray, I remembered I had another project that I had done last year that needed a good spray of finish. After spraying everything down, I came in, still talking at hubby about the strong smell and mid sentence the idea went “POP”.

I knew what I was going to try today!!

Fast Frosted Jars.

First thing you need is Frosted Glass Paint. There are several brands and it comes in different colors. I happen to have this kind because Rust-Oleum has been my go to paint forever.

Next you will need some jars, stickers (I had stars), and some tape. I recommend painters tape. I doesn’t leave any stickiness when removed. Plus your favorite spray on sealer.

Now place your stickers and tape on your jars.

After you have the tape and stickers where you want them, take a napkin and some rubbing alcohol and wipe down your jars to clean off any dust or fingerprints. Then gather them up and grab your Frost paint and head outside. I put mine upside down so none of the spray went inside. I plan on gifting these with edibles and didn’t want to risk it. Give the jars a good once over. Remember, stand back, smooth even spray, and don’t stop mid spray. (OH, and make sure the wind is at your back)

Now walk away!!

Wait 30 minutes and spray again. Repeat 1 more time. Total of 3 coats.

After you bring jars inside I would let them set and dry for at least another full hour. After they have totally dried carefully remove the tape and the stickers.

Now you have some very pretty candle holders.

Or you can decorate the lids and pack with goodies for a very nice gift.

This was a super easy project and it helped me clear out one idea, but it also gave me a few others. No worries, they will “pop” when I need them.

Have a POPPING great day!


Thanks for coming and see you soon,


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