Tiny Plastic Cups

I live in a small town, which means I have to travel to get to any kind store that I can purchase craft supplies from. During the winter my travel is very limited due to my Darling Hubby working 7 days a week. Plus I won’t drive in snow.

Most of my craft stash comes from a local Dollar Tree and my imagination. Like today’s project – Tiny Plastic Cups. I don’t even know the real name for them.

These tiny things have been sitting on my desk a long time. I used them mostly to pour my Mod Podge in or paint, or glitter, depending on what I was doing at the time. As I was texting with my sister, trying to come up with a project for the day, I was also playing with these cups. I even sent her a photo of them and asked her what they looked like. The more we chatted, the more I stacked and unstacked these cups. Then it hit me, these little cups were going to be the “Project”.

My next stop was Pinterest. Plastic Cup got me the Sparkle Light. Staple them together, stick lights in each one and poof, Sparkle Light! To me they looked more like miniature Flower Pots. Well that got me all kinds of ideas.

So here we go …

Step 1 – We drill the holes.

Step 2 – Make the Ball

Step 3 – Prepare to Paint

Step 4 – Let dry overnight

Yes, I know you hate this part!

Step 5 – Let’s Decorate!!

Step 5 – Decorate the Single Cups

Step 6 – How I made a Bell

Step 7 – Let your imagination run wild

Step 8 – Make sure to Coat painted areas with Mod Podge to protect them. That way you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Thanks for coming and see you soon,

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One comment on “Tiny Plastic Cups

  1. Rae-Dene on said:

    Wow, they turned out great!!!!!!!! 💗