Simple Round Cutouts

I have been a bit under the weather, as they say, and I was having a hard time trying to think of a project for today. I always have a hard time focusing when I am not feeling well and I tend to get frustrated easily. So most projects end up half finished and stuffed in a box in the back of a dark closet, never to be seen again. I knew I needed to find something very simple and could not fail not matter what I did. (trust me, I do weird stuff)

The first box I came across had a package of Simple Round Cutouts that I had grabbed during the Black Friday Sale at Michaels. (can’t pass up 70% off anything) My first thought was, “not even I can mess these up”.

So today, I am changing Simple Round Cutouts in to Christmas Memories.

Gather everything you will need. Drill, paint, brushes, Medium, Mod Podge, paper towels, markers and water.


Don’t forget your BFF. It is always nice to have someone to talk to and will give you ideas and advice.


Oh, don’t forget your Simple Round Cutouts.


I drilled holes in my cutouts so I could put string or ribbons through them later. I used a 1/8 inch drill bit. If you plan on using ribbon I would make the hole larger. 1/4 inch or more.


After I drill the holes I use a large emory board to sand the edges and around the holes to remove any stray splinters and rough edges.


When they are all smooth I coat the fronts and backs with my medium to help the paint and the Mod Podge have something to stick to.


Now take a break and let them dry. Get something to eat, walk the dog, feed the cats, start the laundry, let your family know you are still alive.


Now you can start painting, decoupaging, glittering, coloring or whatever your little heart desires.


I love to paint, so mine are going to be painted. I also love snowmen, as you can probably tell. I want to say I am sooo sorry for the bad photos. I was not wearing my glasses and they looked normal at the time.


If you ever need any inspiration on what to put on your cutouts, my go-to place is Pinterest. I just typed in Snowman.


You can get inspiration from so many places you will never run out of ideas. This idea was from a FB post I saw.


This Idea I stole from a Christmas Card my talented and wonderful sister sent me. (I come from a long line of crafty people)


Don’t forget to paint the backs. I did mine in plan white. Then I added the string.


I plan on putting these into my grandkids Christmas Eve Box so I wrote the year and To: and From:, like a tag. That way they can remember who, and when for years to come. If you have a stamp you could use that also.


Now we need to put a couple coats of Mod Podge on our cutouts. WARNING: If you used a stamp or a marker DO NOT BRUSH over the word. Use a soft brush to DAB. If you brush like you normally do it might smear. No mater what the marker of stamp says, it will. Trust me please. Just dab your MP lightly straight up and down to cover the words.


After the backs are dry put a couple coats of Mod Podge on the fronts and edges. Remember if you used markers, DAB. please. Now let them dry (quit touching them!) Tomorrow you can touch them.


Here are mine all dry and ready to have the names added to them and put into the Christmas Eve Boxes.


I want to say again how sorry I am for the terrible photos. I have never been good at taking pictures. I promise to try and do better, or at least take more than one photo so I have a better chance of getting a good one.

Hope I was able to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to something simple into something special. It’s the homemade touches that turns plain to beautiful.


Thank you for coming and see you soon,


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  1. Rae-Dene on said:

    You inspire me!!!!!!!!!! 💗