Candy Cane Sleighs

I am still working on the Christmas Eve Boxes for my grandkids. I have to confess, I am loving this idea more and more everyday. Wish I had started it the many years ago when I first thought about it. I guess it’s just one of those things you should just do and not even think twice about. I tend to overthink EVERYTHING, just ask my hubby.

Anyway, today I put together the Candy Cane Sleighs. Yes, another idea I saw on Pinterest. (can you tell I am addicted) Now there are 101 different versions to this sleigh, and I am going to show you just one. So if this isn’t quite what you wanted, turn on your imagination and make it the way YOU want. Trust me, this is a simple, easy to change craft, that even kids can do! These would be great little gifts for mailmen, co-workers, teachers, classmates and party decorations. You can’t go wrong with candy!

So, let’s get started …


First gather your supplies. To make one Sleigh you will need two Candy Canes, one KitKat Bar, ten Hershey Miniatures, Glue, Ribbon and scissors.


The Candy Canes can be any color or flavor you want. They generally come 12 to a box. You will need 2 for each sleigh.


The KitKat bar needs to be regular 4 stick size. If you get the King Size you’re going to need a lot more candy and bigger candy canes. You need 1 per sleigh.


You will need something to lift your KitKat off the work area. I used a spool of wide ribbon.


Now glue your first candy cane to your KitKat as close to the edge as you can. Candy Canes are a bit heavy, so make sure to use a good amount of glue, but don’t overdue it. If you are using Hot Glue like me, be careful not to touch tip to the plastic wrappers. They melt. You don’t want holes.


Now glue the second Candy Cane to the other side. Let them sit till glue is dry. When you pick up, try NOT to grab the Candy Canes. They will wobble until the glue dries completely. Now you have you Sleigh Base to pile the candy on.


Now we start piling the Hershey Miniatures like a pyramid. Glue four across the KitKat for the bottom layer. They do stick out a bit on each end, so don’t panic. Second row will have three across. Third row will have two across, then one right on top.


This is what you should end up with once you have all the candy stacked and glued.


Now all you have to do is add your ribbon. You can add any other embellishments you like. Now this is how all the tutorials I looked up showed how to do this project. Below I will show you the little changes I made to make it a bit easier and faster for me.


Ok, to do it “My Way”, I decided to stack the candy first. So I glued all the candy pyramids to the KitKats first. Then I tied them all with ribbon.


Once all the bodies were glued and ribbons in place, I found a hollow tube to help hold them upside down. I used a Duck Tape Spool.


The Duck Tape Spool was just the right size and held the sleighs nice and snug. If you don’t have a hollow spool handy, try a small bowl, or frosting container.


Now I glued on the Candy Canes. It was so much easier and seemed a bit faster to me.


There they are, all cute and ready to go in the boxes. Yep, you only see seven finished ones. I found out to make 8, you need more than two bags. LOL Just my luck.


I hope you enjoy my little project and maybe you will even give it a try. Everyone knows we can always use that extra gift ready this time of year.


Thanks for coming and see you soon,


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