Mickey Mouse Ornament

I love all things Disney and when I saw this ornament on Pinterest I knew I had to give it a try. I also confess I really wanted this to turn out well and last a long time so I didn’t rush anything and waited the recommended times for drying and such. So this ornament took me about a week to finish. I am really glad I did. I am very happy with the outcome and I already know to whom it is going to go.

My First Mickey Ornament


These are actually super easy to make. I had the glass balls and a package of styrofoam ball just the right size. I also have lots of Mod Podge and glitter. The black glitter I did have to order, there was none to be found in the stores. I use the extra fine glitter for its extra sparkle and smoothness on the finished product. The buttons came from a large stash I have.


First thing to do is coat the bottoms of your ornaments with Mod Podge and then cover with the red glitter. I put three coats of Mod Podge and glitter on each ornament. I waited no less than 5 hours between each coat also. Like I said, I wanted these to hold up and last a long long time.


I did the same for the styrofoam balls I am using for the ears. Coated well with Mod Podge, covered in glitter and dried for no less than 5 hours.


Yes, these are ears on a stick. I used wood skewers to poke in the balls. Makes it easy to hold and a lot less mess. The skewers I found at the Dollar Tree in a bag of 100 for $1.


After the red is 3 layers thick and several hours dry, I started on the black top. Repeating the same process. One coat of Mod Podge, cover in glitter, dry for 5 hours.


After the ornament is covered and all dry it is time to seal it. Now this it all personal preference. I use Americana Triple Thick. I put a very thin coat on the whole ornament and let it dry 24 hours. I did it 3 times. You can use your favorite sealer. Just make sure you do seal it. You don’t want glitter shedding off every time you touch it and a bald and blotchy ornament is not attractive.


Now glue on the ears and buttons. You now have a Mickey Ornament!



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and maybe next year your tree will have one of these cuties.


I want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


From my house to yours, Best Wishes and God Bless,


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