Wine (glass) Anyone?

Three weeks ago, I came across this YouTube video that just got to me. It was “start to finish personalized wine glasses” by Crystal Shipley. I must have watched that video 20 times. I just loved how those glasses looked and I got it stuck in my head I wanted to do that project.

So I set about gathering up the supplies. I found the wine glasses in the bottom of a bin that belonged to my mother.  I then found the extra fine glitter at Walmart. I wanted the extra fine because I wanted the glass stems to feel smooth when finished. I did have to order the Triple Thick. I could not find it anywhere close by.

Now I was gathering all this stuff with the idea that my sister owned a Cricut, which she does, but it is the first one Cricut made and does not have the proper software access that was needed to do this project. So my hero came to the rescue. My darling hubby said, “well buy one”.  So I did ( I just love that man)

While my Cricut was in transit I started preparing my glasses. I followed the tutorial to the letter.

1. coat with Mod Podge and glitter- dry overnight

2. coat with Mod Podge and glitter- dry over night

3. coat with Mod Podge and glitter – dry over night

I then did 3 layers of Triple Thick, made the glitter feel so smooth – like it was in the glass

After I got all the coats of glitter on, I let them dry for about 2-3 days. Then I sealed them with a Minwax Liquid sealer.

I choose a gloss to boost the shine of the glitter.

Then came the hardest part, waiting for my Cricut. Today the wait was over!! I received my new toy at 4 pm today and by 6 pm I was picking out the color vinyl I wanted to use. Yes, I unpacked it, set it up, logged in, and did the cute little project they gave me.

Cute project they give you

I then started a new project and the hardest part was picking the Font I wanted to use. (Trust me people, if I can figure this machine and its software out, ANYONE can.) I found the fonts I wanted and the colors of vinyl and I let the machine do the rest.

I will be changing it a bit, but I am loving it.

Yes little Sis, you see who it is.

I can see where I need to make a few adjustments. I want the full name a bit smaller and the Capital Initial a bit bigger, but other than that, I am so loving this project. I have already gathered up more glasses, beer mugs, coffee cups and soup bowls to test on.


My sister and I were joking awhile back about having to start Christmas planning earlier next year. I told her I had already started for next year, because I didn’t think 365 days was going to be enough time. She laughed at me, I wasn’t joking. I “have” already started!


Happy New Year Everyone!


Thank you for coming and see you soon,


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