My 2017 Memory Book

I use notebooks. You know those ones you can pick up before school starts in the summer for like 10 for a $1. I have hundreds of them and I use them for everything. I have to write down everything or I forget. The notebooks help, but if I move the notebook, I forget where I moved it to. So I tend to grab another notebook and the cycle begins. It is an endless battle.

So this year, I started paying attention when people in some of the craft groups I am in started talking about their Planners and Journals. They would show their projects and they were beautiful. I notice that none were alike, all were done with their own styles and personal touches and NONE of them were those silly little notebooks that tend to get lost all the time.

So with the help of some my favorite YouTube Craft Masters, I started checking out the what, and how to make myself a Planner, Journal, Recipe, Project Idea, Art, Scrapbook of my own.

  1. I started with a sketchbook I found on sale at Walmart. It holds the 8 1/2 by 11 paper and the paper inside is perforated for easy removal. I like it because I could print or decorate a normal sheet of cardstock and just glue or tape the full sheet with an easy line up to the perforation line. (yes, call me lazy, but I like lots of decorating space)

Sketch book from Walmart – less than $8. Looks exactly the same on front and back.


2. First thing I did was start the front cover. I took a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 craft colored cardstock and used my scor-tape to stick it to the front of my book.


I used tape to stick the cardstock down because I didn’t want any wrinkles, bubbles or warping that a liquid might make. I also just eyeballed the top, bottom and right side to give it a framed look. I didn’t worry about the left side because the cover does not bend, it lays flat.


3. Once I got the cardstock on and secure, I knew I wanted something on the left to distract from the wires. I don’t own any washi tape so I decided to print myself up my own border. I wanted everything about this cover to mean something to me, so I went to Google and typed in cat borders. This is the one I liked, a lot.


I found this in Google Images and printed it up on just plain white cardstock. Then just cut it out.


4. I used tape again to place the border down. Like I said, liquid glues tend to warp paper if used in large areas and I didn’t want my border curling or warping.


I taped down the border, but I left about 1/4 in on the left side that overlapped the cover cardstock. I did this because I already knew what my next piece was and it needed to slide under the border.


5. Now this is where you let your imagination go crazy. Remember, this is YOUR book, do with it as you want! I like the messy, used, flawed look. So I grabbed a Honey colored Distress Ink pad and messed up my edges a bit.


I own distress ink, no stamps, no blending tools, just ink. So I use a makeup sponge I had in my craft tools. Worked for me!


6. I already had my next piece in my mind, but I had to learn how to do it. I wanted to use the Print and Cut feature on my new Cricut. So off to my favorite place to learn, Youtube. After about 20 minutes I was ready to jump on it. I had my picture, I had my Cricut, I went for it.


I love my cricut. The cricut did all the work for me. I gave it the picture, it told me when to print it, it told me to put it in the cricut, it cut it and I get all the credit. Yep, love it!


7. I put a bit of distress ink on the edges of the cat, then I taped it down. I slid the cats edge under the border edge and use tiny drops of glue to hold it down. I also dabbed a tiny amount of glue on the whiskers to prevent them from curling.


I have had this picture for a long time. It is one of my favorite coloring pages.



8. I am a huge Daily Quote fan. I have little sayings written all over the place. So I had to have my favorite saying on my book.


You will never know this day again, so Make it Count!


9. Seeing how I had learned something new with my Cricut, I decided I should give another lesson a try. This one had to do with layering, and I admit freely, I still need a few more lessons before I master this one. I cut my favorite saying in vinyl and I wanted it to go through the big heart. Didn’t quite turn out, but I am happy with it.


Yep, I really need more practice.


10. I grabbed my distress ink and sponge again and started  more bits of color and marks around the the page. I also made some white dots and stitches on the hearts. I used a gel gold glitter pen to add tiny bits of sparkle here and there. For me, it makes it more personal.


I love rustic and well used on everything. It is basically me. I am rustic, well used and perfectly imperfect.



11. I went back to my cricut and did another print and cut to make a friend for cat #1.


I had to make cat #1 a friend. Plus I don’t think I have ever owned just one cat.



12. Then I wrote a little saying in the corner that makes me smile all the time. I have grown up to be that “crazy cat lady” that I laughed about when I was a kid.


Some people that own cats go on to lead normal lives.


13. Now I have done this much and have enjoyed every minute of it. I could stop here, but I just keep thinking about it. I know I can’t quit till all the spaces are filled.


To much empty canvas for me. I must keep thinking.



14. While thinking about what to add next, I automatically wondered what my mom would think. Then I knew exactly what to add. The Memory of my Mother.


My mother loved cardinals and every time my sisters and I see one we know it is her watching over us.



15. Of course you should put the year on it, just to remind yourself when you did this. It is fun to go back after a few years and see the difference in styles, tastes and thoughts.


This I actually printed on my own and cut with scissors. I added the little button and twine as a me thing. Buttons and twine make me very happy for some reason.




16. I also decided to title my book. Like my web site, it is My Fav Memories. I think it will hold a lot of the memories I make in 2017. I know I have already made a few just doing this cover.


I let my cricut do the work on this. It is the “write and cut” feature. The cricut did the writing and the cutting. I did the distressing, taping, twine and glue.

17. Now you just Finish it up. Any little personal touches you want to add, glitter, dots, more sayings, anything you want!


Add anything you like to finish it off and then just smile and show it off.


18. Enjoy!!


Just by looking at this cover you will know more about me than anyone would ever want to know, but that is why I enjoyed this project so much. Everytime I look at this book, I smile.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that maybe I have given you the courage and inspiration to start your own Memory Book. I know I will be using this book a lot this year and I am sure you will see it again and again.


Thank you for stopping by and see you very soon!


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  1. Anita Sanders on said:

    This is great! The step by step is very helpful for someone like who over thinks! I love it!!!