Love Mug

Todays post is a quick and simple project. I had one lonely red mug left and I couldn’t stand letting it just sit there, so I had to come up with something for it. Being such a pretty red color it made me think of Valentine’s Day, hearts, love and all the cinnamon jelly hearts I can eat… oops sorry got distracted.

Anyway, I knew kind of what I wanted on it. I had seen a picture on Pinterest a while ago that stuck in my head, but I didn’t pin it and when I went back couldn’t find it. (don’t you hate that) So I had to go from memory. Easy enough, it was a super simple design.

So I put my Cricut to work and this is what I got …

This is the front


This is the back


See, I told you it was super simple! It took me 30 minutes tops, and that was including drawing it in photoshop and uploading it to Design Space.

Here is a small video showing it being turned.


See what can be done in almost no amount of time? Make the most of your day, you aren’t promised a tomorrow.


Thanks for coming and see you soon,

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3 comments on “Love Mug

  1. When you put the design on the cup, did you have to seal it with anything? Just wondering if it’ll come off when it’s washed. Thank you!

  2. Thank you!