Memory Book – Page Two

I felt like today was a great day to make a fun mess. (I am so good at that sport) So I grabbed my Memory Book and opened it up.


This is the inside cover. Just a blank canvas calling to me.


It didn’t take me long to change that plain blank cover…


This boring inside cover went from this …



To this. I call it messy chic.



These are the items I used to make this mess. 2 old brushes, 3 colors of Distress Ink, some stamps I picked up at the Salvation Army Store and some alcohol. Oh and the tiny cups to put the alcohol in.


While I let my mess dry, I started going through the paper in my stash. I have this book of papers that I just love.


I found the paper I wanted, and started cutting it up to make a frame.


The reason I picked this paper is because of this part of it. I live just a few miles from Bath NY. It seem fitting for a Memory Book.



This is me trying to put the puzzle into a frame. It took me a bit and some fancy cutting.


See, I knew I could do it. There is my frame. Now off to my Cricut.


I have to confess, I am addicted to my cricut being able to write and cut. I let the machine do the work and I get to color and glitter.



I wanted the old fashion photo corners for my sign, so I let my cricut do them for me also. This is called Print and Cut.



With a bit of scor-tape, I put the sign down and added the corners.


Now it fits right in with my mess and my memories.


With a few added “personal” touches, this once blank and boring inside cover steps up and joins the many memories I will capture this year.


Now you know what my idea of “Messy Chic” is and how much fun you can have doing it. Just remember, “with Imagination, there are NO limitations!”


Thanks for coming and see you soon,


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One comment on “Memory Book – Page Two

  1. Anita Sanders on said:

    Very nice and unique!