Vinyl Negative on Canvas

Today’s Cricut project/lesson for me is something I had seen a long time ago and wanted to do as soon as I saw it. It is actually 2 new lessons for me. Making a negative from a photo and putting vinyl on a canvas. To be honest, it is a lot easier than I expected. It is super easy and the results are amazing.

Vinyl Negative to Canvas

Things you will need …

  1. Watch this video, it will give you all the basics you will need – How to create a negative to cut from vinyl.
  2. A canvas the size you want. (I used an 8×10)
  3. Acrylic paint, the color you want the background. (you MUST paint the canvas)
  4. Paint brush for paint.
  5. The photo you want to use on your computer.
  6. 651 Vinyl the color of your choice. (I used white)
  7. A sealer (I used Mod Podge Matte)


After you have everything you need, the first thing you want to do is paint your canvas. The paint gives the vinyl something to stick to.

Make sure to cover canvas with paint to give the vinyl something to stick to.



While your canvas is drying, take the photo you want to use and go to and turn you photo in to your negative image.


This is how mine turned out.



When you have your negative image, upload it to the cricut design space and clean out all the white background, like you would any uploaded file. Make sure to save it as a cut file, not a print file.

Then just size your image to the size you need. I had an 8×10 canvas so I made mine a 7×9 to give me a bit of a border.

After I had to size I wanted, I clicked the Go, put my white vinyl on my mat and let the cricut do it’s job.

After the cricut was done, I trimmed the vinyl so that I had a 1/4 in border all the way around.

Then I just weeded and covered in my transfer tape.


Covered in transfer tape.


Now I just centered my vinyl and pressed it down. I did have a video case under the canvas to make it easier for me to press on it. I also flipped it over and pressed from the back.

Then I SLOWLY peeled off the transfer tape and pressed it down again. Making sure all edges were down and there were no bubbles or creases.

I then did a very light coat of Mod Podge Matte to make sure all was sealed.

That’s my beautiful granddaughter


That is it, sweet and simple. I will be making at least one of each grand child for myself. I haven’t showed the parents yet, so I am thinking I am going to need a few more canvases.


Thanks for coming, and see you soon,


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