Back to my Happy

Haven’t you heard that hundreds of times? Go to your “Happy Place”, find your “Happy Place”, think “Happy Place”. What tickles me is the “Place” part. I don’t know about you, but I can be Happy just about any place. I have been know to be Happy in the weirdest places and at the most embarrassing times. Just ask my family.

For me, Happy is making memories. Usually very messy memories that include paint, glue and glitter, but there are times when there is nothing messy or sparkly needed. Just a certain sister.

My sister, Rae Dene, can bring on my “Happy” with just a text. If we actually get to go in public together (trust me, people think twice about allowing that) we always make a “memory”, for everyone. Just ask my “Lucky” niece who got the privilege of spending the whole day explaining to Black Friday shoppers that they only allow us out 1 day a year and she drew the short straw. I know for a fact it is a huge memory for her! Oh and BTW, most of those bags belong to the niece!

I LOVE my family, more than they will ever know, but there will always be a special spot in my heart for the sister I tried to hang from the tree in our front yard by her own hair.

Love you Sis!


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