Porch Makeover Part 1

When we moved into this house I had so many fun ideas of what I was going to change.  Most have happened, some are partway done, some will just have to be forgotten. You know, big dreams, small pocketbook? We all have that problem. Due to a nasty ice storm a couple of years ago, the Forgotten list got a bit bigger. A new roof took priority over everything and now a new heating system has moved to the top of the priority list. Yes our boiler has died. So all my ideas had to stick to a budget, a very small budget. Nothing I like better than a challenge!

The front porch caught my focus one day and I decided it was time for it to get a makeover. It is the first thing everyone sees when they come here, so it is the thing that gives that First Impression. The impression this porch was giving was “Enter at Your Own Risk”. The rug was a tripping hazard because it was so worn and torn. There were two doors because it was once two apartments. People always tried the wrong door first and jumped when we opened the other door. Even the mailbox was rusty and looked like it would give you a nasty cut if you tried to open it. Yes, my front porch was just bad!

So my challenge was to make my porch safe and pretty, for little money.

First thing we did was remove the old rug. Mostly so this graceful old lady didn’t take a header off the porch.

The floor wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. It was very workable with a good cleaning.

So off to Lowe’s we went to see what we could afford. To be honest, I was thinking more about a floor paint than a rug replacement. My expectations were very low, as was my budget. At this point, even the bare floor would be an improvement.

After trying to figure out the floor paint, we dumped that idea. It wasn’t just buy a bucket of paint and a roller. There were about 16 other steps and concoctions you had to buy and do. Yea, bad and pricey idea.

So I wandered into the outdoor carpet section expecting to see only plastic grass in green and blue. I was totally surprised. They actually had carpet, not plastic, not shiny, real fiber, soft on feet, carpet. Plus it came in colors not seen on a rainbow unicorn. I was pretty amazed and very happy. Best part, it was in my budget. Truth be told, it was below budget. Yes, I can get lucky!

I picked a light brown carpet and I was able to buy some cans of spray paint in Chocolate Brown. I wanted to paint the trim on my porch and Rust-Oleum has never let me down.

As soon as we got home, I started painting. I did all the trim and the extra door. I had a plan to make sure people no longer were confused about which door to knock on.

After I painted, the men got to work and got the floor cleaned, glued and rug down. They did a wonderful job! Honestly, it was already a HUGE improvement.

It was a very Happy Day. I no longer had a scary, death trap, confusing porch. I had a nice clean place that people were not afraid to come up on and even sit on.

Now I know, you are thinking, it looks rather plain, and nothing really special. I agree, but like the title says, this is just Part 1.

You will have to catch Part 2 to see this porch come to life.

C’ya Soon



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