Porch Makeover Pt 2

If you read my Porch Makeover Pt 1, you saw my death trap of a front porch turn into a clean and safe but very plain front porch. To me it became a blank canvas just waiting for me to fill with color and the perfect place to display my crafts. (Ok, it was a place to move the crafts that were overtaking my livingroom.)

As we all know, everything I make has that “Rustic” look to it. (Rustic meaning, I used sandpaper to cover mistakes.) I love the touchable and well worn look. I want people to feel comfortable touching it. I want people to enjoy sitting on my porch and have lots to touch and look at.

I want a comfortable place to remember and make memories.

This old guy sat all alone in the back yard for a year or so. I needed extra seating, so I brought him in, cleaned him up and gave him a nice corner to sit in. He just seem to fit right in and to me he looks very happy.

I also made a couple crates to serve as seats and tables. Oh, they make great step stools for vertically challenged people like me.

These two chairs are the only things that really survived the remake. They just magically appeared one day and stayed. (yes, I have a magic house, but that is a whole different post)

This is what happens with the crates when they are not being sat on. I just love fall colors.

Remember the Confusing Door? Well, people don’t try to knock on it anymore. I call it the “Not So Hidden Door” now. It is actually the perfect place to show off all kinds of fun goodies.

Here are just a few of my little crafts that I decided looked better outside than packed in a box or hidden in a cupboard.

This little centerpiece changes colors with the seasons. Last month it was flags and summer flowers, soon it will be snowmen and holly.

There was so much decorating going on, it just spilled right out onto the front steps. (honestly, did you expect me not to keep going?) Isn’t it amazing what 12 cinder blocks and a flat of flowers can do? A big Thank you to my son Eric. (He knows I am crazy, but he goes along with my ideas anyway.)

This is the very first Door Bench I ever made. It has sat in that spot for over 2 years now and each year it looks better and better. (to me she does)

That cute little lantern has a mind of his own. He will sit silent for ages and then just go wild. He will flash and make all kinds of spooky noises. He truly fits into this family very well.

Last but never least, The Bear. Every family needs a bear right? He traveled all the way from Oregon with us and we have had to replace his lantern and a bit of paint to his fur, but we love him just the same. He is a very fond memory maker.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my front porch and I hope you were able to relax, smile and gather some inspiration. Projects like this do not have to be expensive or professional. Let your imagination do the work while you play. If it makes you smile it was worth it!

Cya Soon!


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