Turn Summer into Halloween with a Flip

As you know, I love making signs and for summer I made a very nice welcome sign with sunflowers to sit on my porch. It is one of my favorites.

Now that autumn has come and Halloween is here, I decided to turn the Summer sign into a Halloween sign. Don’t worry, no sunflowers were harmed or painted over during this remake. I just turned it over. Making two sided signs has become a common practice around here. After all, why waste perfectly good painting space?

Step #1 – Clean Your Wood

If you are doing the back of a sign or starting fresh, make sure to wipe it down so you have a nice clean surface to work with. Sawdust and spider webs don’t mix well with paint.

If you are starting fresh, give your wood couple coats of a dark color of paint or stain for the base. Make sure to let it dry completely. You don’t want to muddy up your brighter orange and yellow colors that you will be using as your next layer.

Step #2 – Outline Your Design

It doesn’t have to be complete or perfect. This is to give you an idea of how much room you have for your lettering. Depending on what you want your sign to say and how big your board is makes a big difference.

I picked the word Beware, which a very easy word to make fit on almost any size. For me it was easy to figure out I wanted 4×6 inch letters, which gave me lots of room to add extras to my sign.

Step #3  – Cut out the Letters.

I am blessed to have a Cricut cutting machine. So the cutting out part was super simple. I used plain contact paper cut into 6×6 inch squares. I used the font Haunting Attraction. I have a 1/2 in space between letters.

I laid the letters out on the board to get them all even and centered where I thought they looked best. The nice part about using contact paper is it is very forgiving and will stick just enough to keep it from moving or rolling up.

Step #4 – Tape Down the Letters

I use painters tape on all the edges of my letter stencils for two reasons.

1. To hold them in place.

2. I am a messy painter

I don’t own anything that doesn’t have paint on it, but I don’t like cleaning up and hiding accidental paint spots. So I protect my work area as beast I can.

Step #5 – Daub Your Letters

Yep, I said Daub, not paint. Use a foam dauber, a sponge or a makeup wedge like I do, just don’t use a brush. A brush pushes paint around and it will push it right under your stencil edges. It will make you sad, trust me.

Just daub a light coat all around the the edges of your letters and let it dry for a few minutes. Now daub again and fill in all the letters. If you think it needs another coat, daub again till you are happy.

Step #6 – Pull The Tape

I like to wait till the paint is dry, but others say to pull while still wet. Like I said, I am messy and paint covered fingers leave fingerprints in places I don’t want them, so I wait.

You can do it the way you prefer, just be careful and gentle and all should be good.

Step #7 – Start Adding Details

This is where the fun begins. You get to use your imagination and add all those fun little details that make the sign special and yours.

If you need some inspiration, give Pinterest a go. I get 99% of my ideas from there. Careful though, you will become addicted, I can almost guarantee it .

Step #8 – Show It Off

That is how you turn Summer into Halloween, just by turning the sign over. It works for all seasons and holidays, plus it will save you so much storage space. With just four boards, you can make enough signs to cover the whole year. Just think what great gifts these would make also. I am pretty sure friends and family would enjoy as much as you.

Hope you enjoy this little tutorial and you will give it a try. Make sure to show me your creations if you do!

C’ya Soon!

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  1. Mikey moo on said:

    That’s amazing! If we got trick or treaters I would copy this