My Porch is Haunted!

Happy Halloween All!

I hope you have had a great weekend and you are all ready for the swamp of little Goblin voices that will be filling the night with “Trick or Treat”. I am ready, yes me, the last minute woman that is never on time, is actually ready. Don’t get it wrong, I was finishing up spell books and potion bottles Saturday afternoon, and sticking vinyl faces on my pumpkins even later, but I am just super proud I got it done 3 days “BEFORE” Halloween.

I even have Candy! This year we decided to do the candy thing a bit different. Usually we buy 2 of the large bags of assorted candy from Walmart. Costs around $50. This year, with the price being higher and the sizes of the bags smaller, we decide to take $25 to the Dollar Tree and buy 25 bags of candy. I could not even carry our bag. We have a lot of candy!

We got our porch all spooked up and we are super happy with it. Most of the decorations are cheap and easy crafts I made from things I had around the house and got from the Dollar Tree or Thrift Store. Even the pumpkins were cheap, and I got a lot of pumpkins.

Check out My Halloween Porch…..

My Darling Hubby loves to film videos, so he made this little Spooky Treat for you.

My Porch is Haunted!!

Hope you enjoyed our Spookfest and have a Great Halloween!

Cya Soon!

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One comment on “My Porch is Haunted!

  1. Jeanette Northrop on said:

    Love the video my porch will get there just lights this year it’s a step.