The Week of Distractions

November 2, 2017

The Week of Distractions:

Today is Thursday – Brian has been on vacation this week, so all the days have kind of run into each other. I have to remind myself which day it is. I am a routine type person and once I get off that routine I get lost easily. Lost actually means “Distracted”. I got so distracted Monday I forgot what day it was and didn’t go to greet my darling grandkids from the bus. #BadGanny

New Adventure – I have started a new adventure this week. (a new distraction) I am learning to make videos. This way I can actually show and explain how I do something. I know if I need to learn how something was done, first place I go is YouTube, so I figured I’m the only one doing that. So far it has been one of those, fun and frustrating at same time experiences, but I am liking it. I also learned it is a lot more work than I ever expected. I think that is why I like it. If it wasn’t a challenge, I would get bored really fast and find a new distraction.

Where did Time Go – Can you believe this year is almost over! Christmas is 53 days away, and NO I am not ready!! Yes, I know Thanksgiving is just 3 weeks away, and no I am not ready for that yet either! Face it, I am just not a “prepared for anything” type of person! I could use the excuse, “I work better under pressure”, but I would be lying.

Hundreds of Lists – I need to make lists! Grocery Lists, To-Do Lists, Remember to Breathe Lists. Thank god for journals, they are basically a jumble of lists. If it’s not on a list it won’t get done, including things like eat, sleep, shower. (Don’t give me that look) Now I am adding new lists for my videos. Projects, testing, scripting, filming, editing, rendering , blogging, posting and so on a so forth. I think I need more notebooks. Oh hey, they are already on a list!

Best Day of Year – The best day of the year is coming! Good Friday!!! That is the day my sister and I are unleashed on the unknowing, unsuspecting world. It is also the day my darling niece, who is our chauffeur, gets to test her skills at wrangling hype active adults with no filters. She is almost a professional at it. I say almost because we always tend to do that one something that will either render her speechless or make her hide in the bathroom for 10 minutes. She is a real Champ!

Back to Work – Ok, time for me to get back to work and real life. This has been a great break in my day, but all good things must end. Besides, Mr. Snickle B. Fritz is telling me he wants his breakfast. He is VERY persistent. So thanks for joining me on my Journal Break, I really needed the company.

C’ya Soon!

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