Leftover Spiderweb and Scraps Snowman Ornament

Leftover Spiderweb and Scraps Snowman Ornament – “what?”

You read that right, leftover spiderweb and scraps are going to turn into a super cute Snowman Ornament for a tree. If you are anything like me, then you have at least one box of leftover scraps of paper, vinyl, buttons, ribbons, twine, cloth or even strange things you have no idea what they were or why you saved them.  Personally, I have several boxes full of that kind of stuff. I have a closet full of boxes full of that kind of stuff. I’m a hoarder and I own it, what can I say.

While hubby and I were putting the Halloween decorations away, I noticed we had a couple bags of the fake spiderweb stuff we hadn’t used. One bag was open and was trying to stick the stuff back in when I got an idea. This would look good inside an ornament, kind of like a globe of snow. Well, the idea went even bigger from there. Why not use all leftovers?

That is how the Leftover Spiderweb and a bunch of scraps became a Cute Snowman Tree Ornament!

Supply List

Leftover Snowman Ornament:

Skill Level: Kid Friendly

Time: 30 minutes

Supplies Needed:

  • Glass or Plastic Ball Ornament
  • Spider Webbing – leftover from Halloween
  • Buttons – 2 regular black round, other assorted for decoration
  • Vinyl or Paper Scraps – black, Orange, white
  • Ribbon – favorite color
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch – *optional
  • Pencil – any pokey thing will do
Video Tutorial

C’ya Soon!

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