Family Traditions

Who goes shopping at 4 am? Crazy People!!

Welcome to one of the traditions this crazy family of mine has. Started by my mother some 40 years ago. She thought it would be nice to gather the daughters together and spend a day shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year, in a mall with a gazillion other people. A wonderful mother-daughter bonding experience. Now remember, this was BEFORE online shopping and malls were the only place to shop. For the really young people, before internet and cell phones. Just after cave paintings.

My mother would gather us all up, drive us the 40-50 miles to the mall of the year, and we would enter,ready to enjoy a day with mother. My mother would completely disappear with 10 mins. We would spend an hour or two looking for her, and as fast as she vanished, poof, she would re-appear. Arms laden with bag after bag of her shopping treasure AND a new pair of shoes on her feet. EVERY YEAR!

This happened for several years, until mom could no longer do it. So my sister and I took it on and now she is passing it on to her daughters. Mom will always be the Queen of Black Friday Shopping and one of the best memories my sisters and I will ever have.

Here is just a snippet of our Tradition of Black Friday Shopping………..


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