Let’s Make a Rag Garland

Like all good and a bit crazy people, I hit the craft stores Black Friday. In my rounds that day, I found a really pretty rag garland that I really wanted for my front porch. Problem was, even though it was on sale, it was still way over my budget. So I walked away from it, but thought about it all day. You know how things just get stuck in your head.

The next day I started gathering everything I needed to make the garland, and you know what, I had all of it. It truly is a “Rag Garland”. Scraps of material torn in strips, pieces of ribbon cut to any size you like, bells and twine. All things you can find in almost every craft room. This would be a great craft for ages and as a group.

Below you will find a quick video tutorial, I hope you enjoy!

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