Let’s Make JOY Wood Blocks

I am one of those people that get distracted very easily and if I don’t do something while I am thinking about it, there is a good chance it will not get done.  Back before Thanksgiving I made a plan to put the word Joy on wooden blocks for a decoration to put on my front porch. I even added the things I needed to my shopping list.

Well here I am almost a month later and I am just now remembering I want to make this. I am tickled and extremely proud of myself that it is still before Christmas and not sometime next summer. Hey, I bet it would look just as cute in beach colors with a sun for the O.

Things that you will Need…

  • 3 wood Blocks
  • Paint – Your Choice of colors
  • Wood Letters – J and Y
  • Something to Represent the O – Your Choice
  • Glue

That is it, but be sure to use your imagination. Decorate your blocks how YOU want. Make them plain or bling them out, your choice, your imagination, Enjoy!

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