Super Simple Gift Bag on Canvas DIY

I am obsessed with these cute gift bags that tend to come out around this time every year. I don’t love them just because I don’t like wrapping (which I really don’t like), I love them for the adorable pictures you find on them. I can’t walk into a Dollar Tree without checking out every gift bag they have. I know there is at least one I don’t already own and I can’t allow that to happen.

I guess you could say, at this moment, my goal is to figure out every possible way to display these bags. Tomorrow it will be a different goal and a whole new distraction, but today I am on the Gift Bags to Art and Decor Mission.

Today’s tutorial is so Super Simple anyone can do it and you only need 4 things…

  1. Gift Bag of your Choice
  2. Canvas to fit Gift Bag
  3. Scissors
  4. Two Face Tape

That is it!!

Below is the video of “graceful” me doing this tutorial, trust me, I make it look a lot harder than it is…..Enjoy!!

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