Lighted Planter Box

A year or so ago I decided to teach myself to make the basic wooden box. So I went out in my garage and found a nice 1×6 board and cut the 5 basic pieces, stained, glued and screwed it together. I ended up with a very simple planter box, but I loved it. After all, it was something I did all by myself.

This little box has sat in several different places and held all kinds of things, and seeing that it is so simple and plain, I decided it needed to come to life just a bit more. Plus it seem fitting that I used my First to learn to do another First. I wanted to learn to add lights to my handmade boxes.

I am so tickled how this super simple project turned out, I truly expect to be making several of these. The best part about these is it so darn Easy! You can make these for any occasion and they make great gifts. Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can!

Hope you enjoy the video………..C’ya Soon!


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