DIY Sparkle Jar (from scraps)

You can ask anyone in my family, I do not throw anything away. There is always some use for the smallest scrap to the largest empty box rattling around in my head. I have been know to buy certain grocery items because I liked the jars they came it. I warned you I was a strange one.

Today’s tutorial is all about using things you would normally throw away. With the help of a little Mod Podge, some glitter, a bit of twine and a handful of scraps we are going to turn a jar most people would throw away into a very pretty decor piece that can be a tea light holder, fairy light holder, a vase for flowers, or fill it with candy and give as a gift. So many ideas for so little money!

This is a simple video of me doing what I love to do, using my imagination………Hope you Enjoy!

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