My First Cupcake Ornament

I have been seeing the “Cupcake Ornament” pop up all over Pinterest and Facebook for the past couple months, and each time I saw it I would always think to myself that I wanted to give it a try. Just like most of my “mental notes”, it got forgotten until I again see it pop up somewhere on the web.

Well today I actually remembered and am prepared! I am so proud of myself, I remembered to buy a small tube of white silicone. It was all I was missing for the project. I know I am doing this kind of late, only 2 days before Christmas, but to be honest, even if it was after Christmas, I would have still done it. They are just that cute!

Now, I must remind you, this is a first time thing for me. I have never done this ornament, not even as a test before sitting down to film. This is going to be a learning experience for all of us. For me, that is the FUN part of doing any craft.

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and that you too will give it a try……………..C’ya Soon!

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