Family Christmas Tradition – Christmas Lights ride around town

Some of my favorite Christmas Traditions have slowly faded away over the years. Mostly due to no longer having young children in the house. Trust me when I tell you that the look on a 40 or 50 year old face at 5 am Christmas morning is not as cute as a 4 or 5 year old.

There are some traditions I refuse to let go and yes, they are the ones that I remember from my childhood. Not the ones from being an adult or parent. These are the ones I remember as that excited child that could not sleep at all Christmas eve.

Tonight I get to share one of my favorites, the Christmas Lights ride around town. I still look forward to this yearly, even though I live in a tiny town. It brings back the memories and smiles of years long past and for those few minutes I get to relax and let that child in me return without worry of criticism. Everyone needs that moment.

So climb on in and grab the perfect window seat, we are going for the Christmas Lights Ride around town …Enjoy!

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