Glass Etching

While going through my craft stash I rand across an old bottle of Armor Etch. It had been opened and I know it has been sitting for at least two years. I also ran across the two glass mugs that I had picked up at the Dollar Tree with intentions of etching them, again that was two years ago.

So today I decided to get some of these long overdue crafts done and I am starting with the Glass Etching. My fingers are crossed that the Armor Etch is still good and this tutorial does end up as a total fail. (I will admit, fail videos are fun to watch though.)

All you need for this tutorial is….

  • Bottle of Armor Etch – found in almost any craft department or craft store.
  • Glass to etch on
  • Large Letter – Sticker or Vinyl
  • Brush to put cream on the glass

Easy and cheap, my favorite kind of crafts.

Below is my tutorial and guess what… it didn’t fail!!!      ………Enjoy!


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