Let’s Make a Valentine Gift – Candy Plus Candle Jar

I love finding new ways of turning a simple gift into something just a bit special and different. This is one of those ideas. Now when most people think of Valentines Day, they automatically think about candy. I honestly can’t think of anyone I know that doesn’t look forward to getting little hearts with the saying to the special fancy heart full of chocolates. I know I do, and several times I have tried to save the fancy heart boxes and even the cute plastic containers the tiny candy came in, but unfortunately, they always ended up being lost or tossed.

So I got to thinking, why not turn the candy container into something they can use even after the candy is gone. It’s not an original idea, I am sure someone is doing the same thing, but for me, it was new and sounded like so much fun.

So today I am turning one of my favorite crafts into a candy container that becomes a tea light when the candy is gone. Two gifts in one, what’s not to love? The kids will love making these as well as giving or getting them. They can use the container as a nightlight after the candy is gone.

Things you will need…

  • Jar with lid – glass or plastic
  • white tissue paper
  • white glitter
  • Valentine Stickers or Heart cutouts
  • Mod Padge
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Clear Coat Spray

This is a Messy Craft, so be prepared and dress accordingly. Lots of paper towel and wet wipes will be used. Sticky fingers are a must.

I hope you enjoy…and don’t forget to taste test the candy!!!

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