No Mess Gift Jar | How to make that last minute gift

No matter how well you plan, how early you start, how many time you counted, there will always be that one person that will show up unexpectedly and you will feel bad they must go home empty handed. Well today, that is over. Today you can now always be prepared!

Today we make the “No Mess Gift Jar and Last Minute Gift”.

Things needed . . .

  • Empty Jar – with or without lid
  • Cupcake Papers and/or Scraps of Cloth
  • Ribbon, string, twine, yarn or even a rubber band or hair Tie
  • Candy
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments – Stickers, Markers, Gift Tags, all Optional

That is it. Never again be left feeling bad because you were one gift short. Make as many as you have candy for. You know that candy isn’t going to go to waste. Be prepared, Be happy and don’t forget to taste test!

Enjoy and C’ya Soon!

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