Demo Shortcodes

Here is an example of the included shortcodes in this theme.

These are:

  • Google Maps: easily insert a Google Map into any page, post or sidebar widget. Comes with a nice visual editor that makes inserting maps easy. Just click the “map” icon in the editor toolbar.
  • Banner: insert a flag or brush styled banner. Banners can have a link. Just click the “banner” icon in the editor toolbar to insert a new banner onto any post or page.
  • Blog Listing: this shortcode is useful for inserting a list of recent blog posts onto any page of your website, this is mostly used on the home page.
  • Icon: choose from over 600 icons. Insert a vertical or horizontal icon banner ( these can have a title, description and clickable link). Or insert a little circle styled icon, useful for “contact us” social media buttons.
  • Line: Choose from 6 different line designs. Great for separating content.

Examples below:


 This is an example of the GOOGLE MAPS shortcode:

[dtbaker_google_map address=”Sydney, Australia” height=”193″ zoom=”15″ enlarge_button=”.1″]Sydney, Australia[/dtbaker_google_map]


This is an example of the BANNER shortcode:

Flag Banner
Brush Banner


 This is an example of the BLOG POSTS shortcode:

November 8, 2017 Hello Again, I am again (still) making good use of my crafting table and the 40 some clear glass ball ornaments I found while cleaning. I honestly didn’t know there were so many ways to decorate with these things. Today I am going to share[…]

November 7, 2017 I am “Still” working on the 101 craft ideas for round glass ornaments. So far I haven’t done to bad. I have a Scrap Snowman and a Penguin . After doing those did I noticed that they both started the same way. They both started[…]

Leftover Spiderweb and Scraps Snowman Ornament – “what?” You read that right, leftover spiderweb and scraps are going to turn into a super cute Snowman Ornament for a tree. If you are anything like me, then you have at least one box of leftover scraps of paper, vinyl,[…]

November 2, 2017 The Week of Distractions: Today is Thursday – Brian has been on vacation this week, so all the days have kind of run into each other. I have to remind myself which day it is. I am a routine type person and once I get[…]

It is that time of year again! Time to “Think Christmas”! OK, I know, I am sure there is at least one person out there saying, ” I am all done”. I am not done, I have not even started! I am that person that still has half-finished Halloween[…]

Happy Halloween All! I hope you have had a great weekend and you are all ready for the swamp of little Goblin voices that will be filling the night with “Trick or Treat”. I am ready, yes me, the last minute woman that is never on time, is[…]



This is an example of the ICON shortcode:

Choose from over 600 icons. Choose your own icon colors. Choose from 3 icon layouts (horizontal, vertical and circle). Demo below:

Icon Title
Icon Description
Icon Title
Icon Description
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon


Circle Icons:




This is an example of the LINE shortcode:

This is the “arrow” line:

This is the “heart” line:

This is the “dash” line:

This is the “flower” line:

This is the “leaf” line:

This is the “rectangle text” spacer, insert any text you like:

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