Sweet Treets and more

I have not made Lasagna in 4-5 years, but this year we decided Christmas Dinner was going to be non-traditional and something we had not had in a long time. Plus we wanted something hubby could use his favorite toy, the Traeger Grill, to cook it on. So[…]

Ok, it is time to finish up those Turkey Leftovers. You can only eat just so many turkey sandwiches before you start shoving the container towards the back of the refrigerator with the containers that contain other forgotten leftover that are now science experiments. I am a casserole[…]

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving All! I am in the kitchen and I thought I would invite you along to keep me company. I am going to be making my pumpkin pies and sorry, no you can’t lick the spoon. This is not a “How to” video, Lord knows[…]

Because of our budget we do a lot of chicken around here, and because of my hubby’s fondness for Frank’s Hot Sauce, I have gotten pretty good with adding a Buffalo flavor to just about anything. Plus, pasta and cheese are the two ingredients that are almost always[…]