Happy Day Before Thanksgiving All! I am in the kitchen and I thought I would invite you along to keep me company. I am going to be making my pumpkin pies and sorry, no you can’t lick the spoon. This is not a “How to” video, Lord knows[…]

Painted Snowflake with sticker

Today I get to let my “inner child” out to play. I am going to decorate my Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments. Before I start I thought I would show you all the tools I gather and why. Now let me remind you, these ornaments do not have to be[…]


   Ok, to be totally honest, I did follow a recipe. (kinda sorta) I found this great recipe at Completely Delicious that was as close as I could remember from years ago. Then I “kinda sorta” tossed in a few other things. I never ever leave things alone, ask[…]