One of the crafts I can remember doing as a child and many times through the years are Sock Snowmen. They were not always snowmen, I remember making Easter Chicks and Rabbits, Halloween Ghosts and Winter Penguins. It has been several years, but it is one of those[…]

After removing the Christmas decoration from my porch, I was left with an empty planter box. The bottles that I had made for it were made for Christmas, but the planter is something I can use all winter. So I had to find something to replace the bottles[…]

Now that my porch has all of it’s Holiday Decor removed and it is way to early to start putting out the Spring decorations, it looks very sad. I had to come up with something for the long winter days we have before Easter. I know not many[…]

No matter how well you plan, how early you start, how many time you counted, there will always be that one person that will show up unexpectedly and you will feel bad they must go home empty handed. Well today, that is over. Today you can now always[…]