I have been obsessed with making wooden signs for a few months now. There are times when I make at least one a day, trying to learn all the little tips and tricks that practice can teach me. I have a garage full of scrap wood, so I[…]

I am a very down home person and I prefer the rustic homemade look. I like wood grain and distressed paint. If it was up to me, my whole house would be furnished and decorated in recycled wood. I have been known to sand paint off cabinets and[…]

First I want to apologize for not posting the past few days. I caught myself a case of the “christmasiscomingandIamnotreadyfeelingsorryformyself” blues. I do this every year. It just hits and I want to crawl back in bed and sleep till June. I have gotten use to it, I[…]

I thought you would like an update on Snow Mom and Son, my project from a couple days ago. I know I have grown very attached to them and like to check up on them now and again. Plus we got our first real snowfall for this season[…]