Who are you?

I get asked that question a lot, and I still don’t have the answer. I think so much depends on my mood, time of day, season and what is going on around me, there really isn’t a simple straightforward answer.
I can tell you what I love…

  • I love to learn
  • I love to keep busy
  • I love to craft
  • I love watching Holiday movies (yes I have been watching the Hallmark Channels since the day after Halloween)
  • I love watching craft videos
  • I love Pinterest
  • I love making Trash into Treasures (I have the garage to prove it)
  • I LOVE making people Happy
  • I love to help whenever I can
  • I LOVE Love love Love my family!

I started this blog with the hopes of finding others that might have a few similar likes. People that need answers to questions about crafts or maybe some inspiration for creating some of those life long memories that I am able to cherish. If I can’t answer a question, I will do my best to point you in a direction that will. That is my promise to all of you!